Business Consulting Finally Comes to Physician Practices

Business Consulting Finally Comes to Physician Practices

The Current Landscape of Healthcare is out of balance

Insurance and medical device companies are reporting record earnings, while healthcare practitioners and surgeons are earning less.
healthcare scale is unbalanced


  • Insurance Companies Stock Prices
  • DME Suppliers Stock Prices
  • Work Comp Programs or Partners
  • Medical Device Stock Prices
  • Minutia of Medicine


  • Practice Valuation
  • Office Morale
  • Office Reimbursements
  • SC Reimbursements

MedNav was formed to restore the balance of this scale.

Practice Marketing : Patient outcomes, Practice Valuation and Revenue and Patient Modalities/Experience

Proven Performance

With more than 26 years of experience across the orthopedic value chain, we know every corner of the surgical practice landscape. Our unique approach offers a customized solution to a constantly changing marketplace. Plugging into your practice as a conduit can:

Positively impact patient outcomes

Improve your practice valuation at sell time

Elevate your patient's experience

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With our team on your side, we’ll take a global look at your practice to make improvements.

We reset the balance of healthcare

We use an unbiased approach to clinical advancement

We help elevate your patient's experience